Sagrario Ortiz Frias born in the Dominican Republic. She came to the United States in March 2010 with her two children. She is the author of several books. She has just completed a Master Degree in Guidance and Counseling at the University Ana G. Mendez.

Sagrario founded El Poder de Ser Mujer, an organization dedicated to helping Latina immigrants in the DC area reach their full potential. In just over three short years, El Poder de Ser Mujer has become one of the most important grassroots Latino organizations in the DC metropolitan area. Through countless educational programs, workshops, fairs, and other events, and through tireless social media communications, El Poder de Ser Mujer has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of Latina women immigrants, gain access to resources in the community, learn practical skills in business development and personal finance, and build self-esteem and a sense of community.

Sagrario received recognition from the Commissioners of Culture of New York for her Valuable contributions to the empowerment of Latina Women, El Poder de Ser Mujer was named 2015 Non-Profit of the Year by the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Sagrario was also honored for her service to the community in 2016 by the Maryland General Assembly, and also received a Women of Courage award by the Montgomery County Democratic Club, Was recently recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the Washington DC area.

During the last 3 years, Myriam Figueroa served as VicePresident of the Organization and was an essential part to achieve the growth currently achieved.

All of her life, Myriam Figueroa has created deep bonds with others. Her work with women through El Poder de Ser Mujer has been built on her experience in entrepreneurship, communications, psychology, meditation, and travel and discovery. But her love of family and friends and her commitment to women’s personal and professional development are her greatest passions, which animate her work in El Poder de Ser Mujer.

The oldest of 8 children, Myriam worked independently from a young age, beginning as a vendor of handicrafts and growing into a small business owner with a store in her home town of Santiago del Estero, Argentina’s oldest city. Meanwhile, she completed four years of study in Communications at the Universidad Catolica in Santiago, paying for her education while also supporting her family through the profits from her business. Later, a restless spirit led Myriam on a journey of exploration and discovery in different parts of Argentina, and she settled for several years in Buenos Aires, where she continued her studies and received a degree as a Counselor in Psychology.

Myriam practices meditation and reiki and believes it is fundamental to feed one’s spirit in order to have balance in life. But she does not adhere to any dogmas or teachings, and she believes that each person must discover her own path. Myriam is also passionate about communications, especially through the use of technology and social media, and she has used these skills in all of her work.

Through her experiences, Myriam has seen the pain that cuts through the hearts of many women for many different reasons. She decided to dedicate herself to connecting with women and helping them to grow. Myriam began to create women’s circles, spaces where women can heal one another, and after moving to the United States, this led her to create Mujeres al Fuego, an online platform where women around the world create spaces for mutual support and healing. This passion for women’s healing and growth eventually led Myriam to cross paths with Sagrario Ortiz, who was also dedicated to creating spaces for holistic growth for Latina women. Myriam and Sagrario have worked together through El Poder de Ser Mujer for three years, allowing Myriam to express her passion for connecting with women and supporting women’s personal and professional journeys toward greater independence and happiness.


Toda su vida, Myriam Figueroa ha creado vínculos profundos con otros. Su trabajo con mujeres a través de El Poder de Ser Mujer se ha construido sobre su experiencia en emprendimiento, comunicaciones, psicología, meditación y viajes y descubrimientos. Pero su amor por su familia y amigos y su compromiso con el desarrollo personal y profesional de las mujeres son sus mayores pasiones, que animan su trabajo en El poder de Ser Mujer.