“El Poder De Ser Mujer” is a 501C3 non-profit organization that aims to cover the educational and development needs of Latina woman in the metropolitan area. Many of our services are based on the need of education and lack of information within the Latina community.

It is our pleasure to present to you El Poder De Ser Mujer (the Power of Being a Woman), an initiative that seeks to empower Latina women and their families in the Washington D.C. area by motivating them to develop their full potential and talent, promoting education and empowerment.

Studies indicate that half of Latina immigrants in the U.S. do not finish high school or hold professional jobs and 37 percent work in cleaning and maintenance. Improving Latina women’s education and self-esteem is the key to closing this achievement gap and achieving social, economic, and political change.

Throughout the last three years, Poder De Ser Mujer has created spaces where Latina women gain skills and the inspiration to build their capacities and learn about the resources available in the D.C. metropolitan area.

We work on three fundamental pillars:

  • Education programs
  • Frequent seminars and conferences and annual events such as fairs
  • A magazine published every two months providing advice and guidance and advertising events and available resources

Our Services

The Need

Some of the reasons why our organization is important in the community is having identified that at least 73% of Latin women don’t have an education or even the access to it and are unfamiliar with the basic elements to be included in the American system. That is where the idea started, to offer professional and personal training programs aiming to motivate and develop all the abilities they’ve had hidden, which they can use at a professional level in order to make their lives and their family’s lives better.

Besides offering training and seminars we want to be able to develop these women’s abilities to better their personal relationships and help them create networks with people that might have the same background and interests, therefore they could become a supportive agent for personal and professional projects.

The Model

“Poder De Ser Mujer” strongly believes in the potential and greatness of the Latina woman y that’s the main reason why our principle is set on education, we believe that it’s the most important tool for our women to overcome the setbacks they have in comparison with other ethnic groups.

Being able to offer safe spaces for training will give these women the opportunity to rise from a poverty level and from the difficulties they face with husbands that have to work very long hours or in some cases have more than one job to be able to support their families. All our training programs are managed by experts where we try to point out important topics for our community in their own language. We connect women, helping them create a community.


The Impact

“Poder De Ser Mujer” is very proud to report that during these two years we’ve been able to train and graduate more than 200 women of the metropolitan area, as well as achieving the connection and networking of more than 5000 women in the metropolitan area through events, fair, etc. By reaching these women we have been able to impact their homes and bettering the conditions of at least 30% of the participants.

The impact we’ve generated in our community has not only helped our women improve their education levels but also it has permitted us to improve their self-esteem and sense of dignity.

Breakdown of the population served:

  • Low Income
  • Unemployed
  • Disabled
  • Retired
  • Women
  • Single mothers
  • Immigrants